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Geo-Coat Newsletter - Issue 2

 31st January, 2019 

As we complete a sucessful first year, the consortium is happy to share the 2nd Issue of Geo-Coat newsletter. To find out more about our coatings and our approach on using simulated geothermal enviornments for testings click here.

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Geo-Coat @ NACE 2019

Geo-Coat consortium is happy to announce its partcipation in the upcoming NACE International’s CORROSION Conference & Expo, March 2019. Meet our experts and find out more about our recent progress in development of corrosion and erosion resistant coatings for geothermal enviornments .
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High-performance coatings for aggressive enviornments

 High Entropy Alloys (HEA’s) are multi-component alloys composed of 5 to 13 elements with high configurational entropy. HEA’s have been proven to exhibit remarkable mechanical and corrosion resistance properties in various environmental conditions. Due to their unique properties, Geo-Coat uses HEA’s as candidate materials to develop high performance erosion and corrosion resistant coatings to meet the requirements of the aggressive Geothermal environments.  Recently, as part of our ongoing work on investigating the corrosion performance of state-of-the art HEA’s coatings, our partners from University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Romania, developed an HEA with the composition HfNbTaTiZr by using mechanical alloying. The work was presented at the 7 th International Conference on Materials Science and Technologies, ROMAT 2018, Bucharest, Romania, November 15-18th, 2018. The work highlighted the early stage developments including investigation of the flow rate and slope angle to determine the best parameters for powder pressing and sintering. The HfNbTaTiZr HEA will be used further for laser cladding process and producing electrodes for electrospark deposition technique.


Geo-Coat @ RoMAT 2018

Geo-Coat partners UPB presented a paper at the international conference on Materials science and technologies, RoMAT in Bucharest, Romania, 15-18th November 2018.

Geo-Coat in La Nueva EspaƱa

Aurelian Buzaianu at IRCSEEME 2018

The Geo-Coat partners Metav, Romania, presented the work on 'Structural Properties Ni20Cr10Al2Y Coatings for Geothermal Conditions' at the 2nd International Research Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment (IRCSEEME), earlier this year.  Aurelian Buzaianu, Metav R&D, Bucharest, also gave a short interview in Spanish about of the materials and the geothermy on the local TV news of Oviedo and reporters of the newspaper "La Nueva España". For more details click here.


Bi-Annual Consortium meeting

 September 22nd, 2018 

 Geo-Coat is hosted its 1st bi-annual consortium meeting from 19 - 21st September 2018 at Inonovation Centre Iceland. The meeting focussed on partner presentations on the progress of individual work packages including future plans.

Geo-Coat Newsletter - Issue 1

Geo-Coat Newsletter - Issue 1

August 14, 2018 

 We are please to announce the first Geo-Coat Newsletter. Download the project's first issue to find our more about the project objectives, consortium information, results from sampling studies of geothermal fluids and more such exciting information from the Geo-Coat family.

Geo-Coat project funding approved under Horizon 2020

 June 09, 2018 

We are please to announce that the funding for the Geo-Coat project has been approved and work will begin very soon. Please check back to this page or sign up to our mailing list to receive email updates. Click here  to read more.