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What is Geo-Coat?


The Geo-coat project develops specialised corrosion- and erosion- resistant coatings, based on selected High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) and Ceramic/Metal mixtures (Cermets), to be applied through thermal powder coating techniques (primarily high velocity forms of HVOF / Laser cladding) specially developed to provide the required bond strength, hardness and density for the challenging geothermal applications. It aims to design the new high performance coatings to resist each of the specified threats or combinations of threat, as experimentally derived at key failure points within geothermal runs, and to apply them only to the affected components.


Leading to impact objectives


Maintaining and improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the European geothermal industry via a lifecycle approach to material and system specification, allowing them to meet requirements for resistance to corrosion and erosion problems and to reduce the overall through life costs.

Improving design capability at the early stages to allow cost and performance optimisation of materials, virtual testing of designs, transparent and collabortaive communication with clients, and overall reduced sunk costs in design and capex.

Increasing production efficiency, longevity, reduced downtime through failures/and or treatments, reduced energy consumption, enviornmental impacts and production costs.

Work Plan


The overall work has been divided into 11 workpackages.

Work package 1 - End User Requirements analyses and adaptation

The WP lead by GER will identify current practice of material selection in medium-high temperature geothermal energy, and quantify the impact of corrosion, erosion and scaling on various geothermal components.

Work package 2 - Development of MMC and coated pump components; Work package 3 - Coating synthesis through thermal spray and laser cladding; Work package 4 - Coating synthesis through Electroless plating and ESD.

 WP2 (led by TWI), WP3 (led by TEH) and WP4 (led by UPB), involves coating developments through optimised paramaters for the HVOF, laser cladding, ESD processes that will provide a matrix of high performanece coatings with tailored properties for corrosion, erosion, heat transfer and application capabilities.

Work package 5 - Coating and Welding Trials.

WP5, led by TWI, involves preparing of test coupons of coated substrates along with the laboratory welding and bending tests on coupons to investigate the impact on coating integrity and developing post treatments to provide the required density, porosity and other parameters as required.

Work package 6 - Testing of coupons in simulated geothermal environment.

 The WP led by UoI involves evaluation of the coating performance of the test coupons through in-situ exposure tests on coupons in geothermal wells (of up to 2,000 hours).

Work package 7 - Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator & Decision support system.

 Led by FPS, this WP, will involve development of knowledge based decision support system (DSS) where the geothermal flow assurance simulator will be integrated with databases covering the materials performance.

Work package 8 - Validation of optimized coating in geothermal environment

This WP is led by ICI. Based on the information regarding data for optimised coating from the knowledge based DSS, this WP will involve preparation of coated test coupons and representative parts through applying the best coating identified for each substrate. These coated parts will undergo long term exposure tests in different wells in partners' geothermal field.

Work package 9 - Geo-Coat impact assessment on geothermal sustainability and growth

 Led by TVS, WP9 will assess the potentialities of the Geo-Coat concept on improving the LCOE, environmental footprint and hence on improving the sustainability and growth of the geothermal power.

Work package 10 - Exploitation Dissemination and communication; Work package 11 - Project management and coordination of consortium

Led by TWI, WP10 involves preparation diversified exploitation and business plan that will assist the Geo-Coat technology components to achieve necessary technological maturity required for commercial exploitation. WP 11, also led by TWI as coordinators will involve management and coordination of the project and consortium.



Our objective is to achieve engineering and innovation excellence with the Geo-coat technology

The Geo-Coat Consortium