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A consortium of complementary expertise

Geo-Coat project joins together 11 partners across Europe. The partners are end users, original equipment manufacturers, universities & research institutes, and SMEs. All the partners have complementary expertise necessary to develop, disseminate and exploit Geo-Coat results.



TWI will coordinate the over all project management, develop coatings and perform the test analysis of the specimens.

WEIR will supply pump parts and designs for erosion testing of component parts.

ON power will collect and analyse fluids from geothermal wells, provide samples for testing, identify critical failure points in the production line and implement the final product for testing.

UoI will report on characterisation of geothermal fluid, perform corrosion tests and evaluate the anti-corrosion and anti-scaling performance of coupons.

UPB will provide materials for coatings, develop new HEA's nd perform tests on coated specimens.

GER will prepare the FMEA worksheet to prioritise corrosion, erosion and scaling imapct on geothermal components.

TVS will optimise experiments using the adaptive DoE method, perform cost and enviormental impact analysis and develop the Geo-Coat knowledgebase database.

TEH will carry out plasma jet thermal spraying technologies and methodology for obtaining HVOF coatings.

FPS will develop simulators and models for scale formation, corrosion and erosion.

MET will perform the coating investigations and analysis of the involved materials, coupons and specimens.

ICI will particpate in selecting materials for the in-situ geothermal testing of coatings and claddings. They will also be involved in design and construction of specimen holder, analysis of materials after in situ testing and other examinations.