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Geo-Coat Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator

Wed, 17 March, 2021

As part of Geo-Coat workshop, expert from FPS, Per Kjellgren will present on "Geo-Coat Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator".

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Flow assurance simulations have been hugely successful in the oil and gas industry, where it is used to analyze multi-phase flows in oil and gas pipe networks and is seen as a key technology for improving designs and operational procedures. Flow assurance simulations have a strong focus on multi-phase flows, dynamics, as well as estimation of solid deposits (hydrates, scaling, wax), structural integrity (corrosion, erosion), flow regimes (e.g. slugging), and operational procedures such as inhibitor injection, startup/shutdown, pigging, etc.

A two-phase Flow Assurance Simulator (FAS) for 1D pipe networks has been developed in the Geo-Coat project. The FAS is based on finite element discretization of the conservation equations for mass, momentum, and energy. The FAS has been coupled with the geochemistry simulation software PhreeqcRM for thermodynamics and fluid properties. Models for corrosion, erosion, and scaling has also been implemented. Sample FAS results for typical geothermal powerplant situations will be shown in the presentation.


 Per Kjellgren is the founder of the company FlowPhys AS, Norway, and has 30 years of experience with developing algorithms and scientific software in many different areas (CFD, flow assurance/process simulation, thermodynamics, structural dynamics, heat transfer, thermo-mechanical stresses, computational welding mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, aeroelasticity, fluid-acoustic interaction, multi-phase flows, turbulence modelling, numerical shape optimisation, active flow control, high-performance computing) with applications to oil and gas, geothermal, maritime, aeronautics, automobile, electronics, nuclear power, and medical devices. Per has authored/co-authored 24 scientific journal and conference papers, as well as many technical reports for companies.

He has supervised one PhD student and three MSc students. Per won a scholarship to perform research at the University of Tokyo, Japan, 1991-1995, which is awarded to only one student/year at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. He also set a record, being the fastest student ever to finish BSc and MSc at the Dept. of Aeronautics, KTH, Sweden. He received an MSc from KTH in 1991, and a Ph. Lic. (“Tekn. Lic.”) from KTH in 1998. He held academic research positions at the University of Tokyo, Japan (1991-1995), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden (1996-1998), and the University of Arizona, USA (1998-2003). Per has three patents in the areas of medical inhalers, seismic exploration, and vehicle aerodynamics. Per is the project manager for Flowphys AS in European geothermal research projects, such as GeoCoat, GeoDrill, GeoSmart, GeoPro, and GeoHex.