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Geo-Coat Workshop

Fri, 12 February, 2021

As the Geo-Coat project enters its final phase, the consortium is pleased to invite to all geothermal enthusiasts to join a workshop: Geo-Coat: Materials Challenges in Geothermal Energy Production.

Date: 22nd March 2021

Time : 09:30 - 12:30 (UK time)

Registration : Click here

Workshop description:

Can coatings help mitigate the material challenges in geothermal energy productions? As part of the project Geo-Coat (funded by European Union's Horizon, Grant agreement 764086), novel corrosion- and erosion- resistant coatings based on selected High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) and Ceramic/Metal mixtures (Cermets) have been developed, showing remarkable resistance to threats of geothermal operations. These coatings can be applied through standard coating techniques (primarily High Velocity Oxygen-Fuel and Laser cladding) and have been designed to provide the required bond strength, hardness and density for challenging geothermal applications.

This event will present an overview of the Geo-Coat methodology to address the material challenges, exciting results from in-situ durability testing of the coatings in real geothermal environments, demonstration of flow assurance simulation models, demonstration of economic impact of Geo-Coat through Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) results and benefits of using coatings as lessons learned by end user.


  • The Geo-Coat project
  • In-situ durability testing of Geo-Coat developed coatings
  • Geo-Coat Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator
  • The environmental footprint results with and without Geo-Coat technology components adopted in an Icelandic double flash type geothermal power plant
  • Economic impact of Geo-Coat in highly corrosive geothermal environment
  • Benefits of using coatings in geothermal power plants from an end-user perspective: lessons learned


  • Francesco Fanicchia, Senior Project Leader, Surface Engineering
  • Dagur Ingi Ólafsson, Project Manager, Innovation Center Iceland
  • M A Hye Chowdhury, Applied Physicist, Technovative Solutions Ltd. (TVS)
  • Mohammad Ashadul Hoque, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Technovative Solutions Ltd. (TVS)