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Geo-Coat Project Partner to Present at Online TWI Event

Fri, 05 February, 2021

Geo-Coat project partner, Sæmundur Guðlaugsson is due to present at an upcoming online event held by TWI Ltd.

The event, ‘Piping Solutions for Energy Applications,’ is taking place on 10 February 2021, with Sæmundur due to present on the topic of ‘Piping issues in Iceland (Geothermal).’

Sæmundur, who is the Manager of turbines and workshop at Icelandic Geothermal company ON Power, is presenting at 10:15, but there are plenty of other reasons to attend this online event.

The energy sector is seeing an increasing drive towards the decarbonisation of energy sources and a reduction in methane and carbon dioxide emissions. This has an impact on piping solutions with regard to economics, safety, insallation, materials, life cycles, inspection and regulation. The event will assess the challenges and solutions for a wide range of applications, including an historical perspective and an introduction to new developments in manufacturing, materials, joining methods, coatings and performance testing.

You can find out more about this event, including the programme and speakers, as well as registering to attend here