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The Geo-Coat Project: Coatings for Geothermal

Fri, 19 March, 2021

The project Geo-Coat kicked-off in February 2018 as part of the EC call for "developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling." After running for more than 3 years now, the consortium is pleased to present its interesting results that can potentially help the geothermal industry. Dr Francesco Fanicchia from TWI, will kick-off the project's final workshop on "Mitigating Material Challenges in Geothermal Energy Production" with a presentation on the Geo-Coat project summarising the key achievements. 

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Francesco joined TWI in 2018 as a senior project leader in the surfacing section, after a PhD focused on novel thermal barrier coatings (TBC) for aerospace applications.

Francesco now coordinates European (Horizon2020), Innovate UK and single client projects, primarily focusing on novel coating materials for aggressive environments deposited through cold spray and thermal spray technologies. His main research interest lies in discovery of novel materials for harsh environments, such as high entropy alloys; complex materials generated by combining different elements (>3) to provide interesting thermo-mechanical properties.

TWI has considerable experience in the successful development and characterisation of coatings for several applications in aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, etc. Discover more about TWI's coating and surface engineering technologies.