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Read: Project Findings Published in Report

Thu, 30 March, 2023

Details of final tests from the Geo-Coat project are now available to read in a new report.

Having worked since 2018 on developing specialised corrosion and erosion-resistant coatings for use in aggressive geothermal environments, the project team coated a turbine component in the most-promising of the coatings developed.

The testing took place over 8 weeks at the Hellisheiði power plant, during which the component was exposed to a geothermal environment before being analysed for corrosion.

The new report, which you can read below, includes details of the testing conditions and the component assessment results, including both surface and cross-sectional analysis.

The final conclusions include how the coating reacted to the corrosive test environment, a comparison of how the substrate was affected by the hostile environment when coated and when un-coated, and whether this coating is suitable for service.

You can see the full report from the project consortium, including tables and figures to detail and support the conclusions, below:

Geo-Coat Project Report - pdf - 1mb


The Geo-Coat project was funded by the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme, Grant agreement, no. 764086.