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Geo-Coat Highlighted in Corrosion Protection Magazine

Tue, 23 January, 2024

Details of the Geo-Coat project have been highlighted in the January 2024 issue of the Corrosion Protection magazine from IPCM.

The article, ‘Development of Novel and Cost-Effective Corrosion Resistant Coatings for High Temperature Geothermal Applications,’ details the results of the in-situ testing of an LMD-HEA2 coated turbine component section in a geothermal environment.

The project has focused on improving the lifetime of materials used in geothermal energy plants through the development of coatings.

Testing took place at the Hellisheiði Power Station, which is the eighth-largest geothermal power station in the world and the largest in Iceland. The coated turbine section was exposed to the geothermal environment for 8 weeks before being analysed for signs of corrosion.

The results of the testing, which are detailed in the magazine article, showed that the coating provides good resistance to the corrosive effect of the oxygenated test environment, with only the areas at the coating-substrate interface as well as those areas that were not coated showing signs of corrosion.

The tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the coating in delivering corrosion resistance, thereby proving that it could prove useful in both this and similar oxygen-heavy environments.

You can read the Corrosion Protection magazine article, here.


The Geo-Coat project was funded by the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme, Grant agreement, no. 764086.